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When the time comes to select an electrical contractor for your home, remember just one thing: experience counts. Since 1976 we have served homeowners across the Metroplex with practical expertise and electrical solutions. New home construction, remodels, additions, preventive maintenance or service upgrades, our goal is to fulfill our customers needs. Our maintenance and repair electricians will never try to sell you services you don’t need. We’re confident when you call Eliram Electrical for your electrical needs, you’ll be satisfied with our finished product. Flood Repair LED Upgrades Landscape Lighting Custom Light Installations Service Panel Upgrades Flood Repair After the Flood: Outlets and Switches. After a devastating storm, recovery can take weeks before some neighborhoods have habitable homes with running water andelectricity. … Unfortunately, most electrical components that were underwater for even a brief time will need to be replaced. LED Upgrades Lighting is the single biggest energy consumer in most households and responsible for more than 30% of the average households energy usage. Installing LED downlights can reduce that energy impact. The lighting you choose for your home doesn’t only affect the ambience – it can make a significant impact on your carbon footprint and your wallet too. Landscape Lighting When you are ready to install outdoor landscape lighting around your home, Pacific Coast Electric Heating and Air, Inc. is your choice to perform the electrical installation. High quality outdoor landscape lighting, installed by an electrical contractor and a licensed electrician, can beautify your home and significantly enhance its curb appeal. Custom Light Installations Updating your electrical fixtures and lights is not just about aesthetics. Outdated lighting fixtures and wiring can actually lead to serious hazards such as electrocution and fires. At Eliram Electrical Heating and Air, we can help you keep your home well-lit and safe with custom lighting installation services in Seattle. If you already know what type of lighting you would like in your home, we can take care of the installation and provide you with upfront pricing. If you are unsure of what type of lighting you would prefer, we can give you well-informed advice on lighting design ideas, such as what type of lighting is best for each room or purpose. Service Panel Upgrades Your electrical panel regulates the electricity coursing through your home. If too much electricity is demanded on a circuit, a circuit breaker is tripped in the electrical panel to stop the electricity from overloading the wiring. An overload can cause a fire, so it’s the job of the electrical panel to break the circuit and regulate the electricity in the system to keep your home and family safe. Unfortunately, as your home gets older, the electrical panel could have a hard time keeping up with the increased electrical demands on the system. Your appliances, televisions, computers, HVAC systems, lights and other electrical gadgets are increasingly energy efficient, but the average modern household uses more gadgets than ever before. If your home is more than 10 years old, your electrical system may not be able to keep up with your electrical demand. How do you know for sure?

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